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Have you had any problems with Kia in Panama? 

I started this blog to document the problems that many consumers are experiencing with Kia Panama.

My experience is...

I own a 2013 Kia Mohave. I experienced problems with the engine overheating. When I brought my Kia to Kia Panama to be repaired. They evaluated my car and then handed me a bill for $7,000 and said it would take three months to get the parts and make the repairs. 

I appealed to Kia in Seoul, S. Korea who put me in contact with Kia in the US (Miami). Once they get involved, the $7,000 bill suddenly became a warranty repair. That's when I first felt the scam starting.

They said it would take three months and I patiently waited for my car to be done. After nearly three months, I asked them about the repair. After asking the same questions many times without always getting a reply, they finally explained the $7,000 worth of parts and labor did not solve the problem with my Kia overheating. They also discovered that there was serious engine damage, which they still will not disclose to me. I then waited another two months at their request.

Periodically, I would send an email asking for an update. Rarely would I ever get a reply within a reasonable period of time. When I did get a reply, I was told that they needed more time. 

I also asked them if they would value my Kia to possibly trade against a new Kia mostly because I've been without a car for nearly six months. They appraised my Kia at 21% of the new car value. Normal lease rates in the US are approximately 66% for a Kia Mohave with same kilometers and condition. Let's say I was shocked beyond belief.

After six months, I ran out of patience and demanded that my car. Now they tell me they can get the car to me within the next 10 days. Should I believe them? I don't think so.

We finally picked up the Kia on Friday, June 10. The car was washed and ready for us. We were greeted kindly by Sr. Lopez. I asked for the documents related to the repairs because I wanted to see exactly what went wrong and what was replaced. He assured me that he would have it ready by the following Tuesday. Of course and as expected, the following Tuesday came and went and still do not have the repaid detail documents. 

We noticed immediately that the car was having some issues related to the transmission. The car would lunge forward at idle or slow speeds. Obviously this is a problem. We notified Sr. Lopez who was nice about it and told us to bring it back to the agency so they could inspect it.  Today, Monday, June 20, we are again at the Kia agency with the car being inspected. I guess what frustrates me is that if they had driven the car at least once they would have discovered this problem. The Kia service dept has once again failed us. 

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